Welcome to Haven Mental Health

Here's what to expect!

Jess Ferguson

4/3/20241 min read

Welcome to Haven,

This passion project was inspired by me needing a Haven of my own. I've worked in the mental health industry for a number of years now and often found myself coming up against the same issues. There was never enough funding, time or resources when working with clients. There were always more people that needed help, often that couldn't afford it, and never enough on the team to help everyone.

This is partly why when I was presented with the opportunity to get trained as a Mental Health First Aider I jumped at it. I am a passion educator and love working in the early intervention space. There is so many little tips and tricks you can use to better their mental health, but without doing research, or going to therapy, you wouldn't don't know... 

Until now! 

My goal for this site is to provide free or cost effective jam packed resources to help you on your mental health journey. 

There is a lot to come so follow me on social media and to get all the updates!